• LawMate™ PV-50HD2W 1080p – 5MP Law Enforcement Body Camera

    The LawMate PV-50HD2W is a Police Body Cam designed by LawMate and uses a 5MP pinhole camera to record video in 1080P resolution. The built-in WiFi interface lets you access the camera in the field from your SmartPhone or Tablet with the included PV Cam Viewer app.

    $ 329.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-WT10 Smart Watch Nanny Camera w/DVR

    PV-WT10 DVR Hidden Camera ushers in a new era of LawMate brand Mini Cameras.  One button operation means you’ll be able to concentrate on your target while spending less time fumbling with wires and multiple buttons. 1280 X 720 full color video is captured through a 67 degree field of view 3.7mm pinhole lens to looks out of the front side of the watch.
    Charge the watch using your PC and get 80 minutes of continuous recording.   Accepts up to a 32GB Micro SD Card (8GB Card Included Free). Discrete icons on the screen give you visual confirmation a recording is in progress.

    $ 295.00
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  • LawMate™ ER-18 Tactical Headset Camera

    LawMate ER-18HD Tactical Bullet Headset CameraThe ER-18 Detachable Headset Camera is a law enforcement grade, bullet camera, designed to be light weight and easy to use. The camera includes a detachable headset with a remote control and microphone. Included are mounts offer many different scenarios- shoulder mounting, windshield mounting, and helmet-cam mounting.NOTE:You MUST use a LawMate Portable DVR with this Camera. This is NOT a stand alone camera.

    $ 249.00
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  • LawMate™ HB-20 Mini Security Handbag Camera

    The handbag hidden camera can be used in many ways, as the lens is smartly concealed and the microphone is placed inside of the bag.
    It has a double lining as to hide the camera and DVR that can be placed on the bag bottom. The HB-20 is compatible with PV-500L3, PV-900FHD, PV-500EVO2, PV-50 and PV-1000Touch5 DVR’s.
    You MUST use a LawMate Portable DVR with this Camera. This is NOT a stand alone covert camera.

    $ 225.00
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  • LawMate™ CMD-BU20U Wearable HD Digital Body Camera

    LawMate™ CMD-BU20U 1080p HD Covert Button Camera
    MP digital CMOS sensor with mini USB portAGC Microphone built-in and external connection1080p digital recording and snapshotMiniature size, button design to undergo covert missionNTSC/PAL setting user interface on portable DVRWDR picture and video qualityInter-changeable covert head

    $ 225.00
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  • LawMate™ NT-18 Necktie Security Camera

    NT-18 Necktie Mini Camera
    LawMate NT-18 is a high resolution CCD camera in a necktie.

    $ 209.95
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  • LawMate™ HT-19 Baseball Cap Security Camera

    High-Quality Baseball Cap Mini Camera
    One-Size-Fits-All Velcro Strap For Sizing
    700 Lines of Resolution Color CCD Camera
    Tiny 4.3 Mm  Pinhole Lens With A 78° Field of View
    Built in Velcro Pouch To Conceal Your Pocket DVR
    Works with the PV-500 and also the PV-50 and also the PV-1000 DVR’s by LawMate

    $ 209.95
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  • LawMate™ CM-TC10 Tie Clip Mini Camera w/Microphone

    LawMate™ CM-TC10 Tie Clip Camera
    The Tie Clip Mini Camera is designed to complement your existing outfit while functioning as a full-color HD camera.
    NOTE : You have to use a LawMate Portable DVR with this Camera! It is NOT a stand alone camera.

    $ 209.95
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  • LawMate™ PV-RC300FHD Law Enforcement Grade HD Body Camera

    This powerful Mini DVR Cam is perfect for Law Enforcement or to carry around without raising any suspicion, as it comes with a pocket and t-shirt clip so it can be worn casually while taking the photo or video evidence you require.  Besides it’s functional design, it has a recording quality of 1080 FHD video resolution and supports up to 16GB memory cards.

    $ 195.00
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  • LawMate™ BU-19 Mini Security Button Camera

    LawMate™ BU-19 Button CameraLawMate BU-18 button camera is a high resolution and low minimal illumination spy camera lens as small as the eye of the needle.Resolution : 550TV LineMIN Illumination : 0.2 Lux/ F2.0Angle of View : 78°Dimensions : 25 x 25 x 18 mm

    $ 179.00
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  • LawMate™ BU-18HD Mini Security Button Camera with Cone Lens

    LawMate™ BU-18HD Mini-Cone Camera. 
    The LawMate BU-18 HD Cone is a new 1080P digital camera that offers clear Full HD video recordings and good low light sensitivity. If you need a pinhole camera, but not a button camera, than this is the right one. The New Cone shape for the camera as well as the integrated microphone offer additional convenience with the installation.

    $ 170.00
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  • iVue Horizon 1080P Camera Glasses

    iVue Horizon 1080P Camera Glasses

    $ 169.99
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  • iVUE Horizon Pro 1080P Camera Glasses

    iVUE Horizon Pro 1080P Camera Glasses

    These stylish camera glasses record in full HD and also can capture audio with built in microphone.


    iVue 1080P Horizon Camera Glasses
    Dark and Clear Lenses
    USB Charging Cable
    USB Wall Charger
    8GB Micro SD Card
    Soft and Hard Case
    Microfiber Cloth
    Product Manual

    $ 169.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-RC300 MINI HD Camera

    • Thumb Size DVR with Portable Memory
    • Tiny thumb-size camcorder
    • 1.3MP camera for video recording and photo-shooting
    • Abundant accessories on various occasions
    • Diversified surveillance applications; such as body-worn video, In-car recording and webcam etc.
    • Easy operation with LED indicator light
    • 80 minutes constantly recording
    • Supports up to 16G Micro SD card
    $ 169.00
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