Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

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  • Breaching Tools and Equipment

    Breaching Tools and Equipment (15)

  • IED Training Kits

    IED Training Kits (50)

  • WMD Kit

    $ 2,994.00
    Hydra-Ram II Hydraulic Breach Tool
    Iraq Kit Simulated IED Explosive Kit ED-133_L

    Iraq Kit IED Training Aid

    $ 78.00$ 492.00
    Binary Chemical Sprayer IED Training Aid ed-61
    ed-9_L - 16-Gallon Drum Device IED Training Aid
    Garage Door Remote Device IED Training Aid

    Two Man Battering Ram

    $ 390.00
    Backpack Device IED Training Aid ed-10
    Jersey Claw - 30" Black 1033-C-2001-30-B_L
    Pro-Bar w/ Celtex Grips

    One Man Battering Ram

    $ 330.00
    6-Pack Cooler Bomb IED Training Aid
    Pro-Bar w/ Celtex Grips
    Biological Breaking Device IED Training Aid ed-14