• LawMate PV-DLM2 DVR With Covert Camera WiFi Combo

    LawMate™ PV-DLM2 Black Box WiFi HD DVR – No other Black Box/Camera/DVR comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and over 1-year Standby and/or 28-hour continuous recording battery life. It is rugged and water-resistant and works great for both indoor and outdoor surveillance or security operations. It has a 60″ stretch of PIR and camera cable giving IR detection for maximizing your video capture and battery life.

    • More than one year of operation in standby mode on a battery charge
    • 60″ Camera and PIR cable
    • 28 Hour Continuous Recording battery life
    • Wi-Fi enabled
    • Motion Activates
    • Water resistant
    • 2 second start up time
    • Time and Date
    • Truly the only product on the market for outside long term use
    • 2MP CMOS covert pinhole button cone camera
    • 1080p, 0.03 Lux @ F2.0 (50IRE) low light sensitivity
    • Adopts lightweight, ultra-thin design cables
    • Provides flexibility to disguise in different application
    • Low cost with high performance solution
    $ 599.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-900HD Cellphone Security Camera with DVR

    It looks just like a cell phone, yet records hours of HD quality video on a micro SD card. The PV900EVO DVR is a law enforcement grade DVR built into a cell phone that has motion activation, time and data stamping and high definition covert video recording! The high grade, high resolution low light hidden CCD camera is built into the top of the cell phone. Press a secret function key once you turn the covert video system on for recording and the screen of the cell phone looks like a normal cell phone. No one but you knows that it is recording video. Once the covert video operation footage is obtained, simply walk away with your cell phone. Press another secret function key and the high resolution video with time and date stamping can then be reviewed with the high resolution cell phone screen.

    $ 445.00
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  • LawMate PV-CC10W – 1080P WiFi HD Covert Coffee Lid Camera

    LawMate PV-CC10W Coffee Cup Lid Design Wi-Fi DVR

    • Wi-Fi based coffee cup lid design Wi-Fi standalone DVR
    • Highly concealed lens – ideal for indoor/outdoor surveillance
    • Conventional coffee cup lid design fits most to-go coffee or tea cups
    • Stealthily record as far as your eye can see while appearing to be sipping a beverage
    • Casually record subjects undetected continuously for 115 mins
    • H.264 video compression
    • 1080p resolution @ 30fps
    • Supports up to 16GB Memory Card
    $ 395.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-BT10i WiFi Enabled BlueTooth NannyCam Speaker DVR and Security Camera

    LawMate™ PV-BT10i WiFi Spy Camera or Covert Nanny Cam DVR Hidden WiFi Camera Disguised As A Bluetooth Speaker. New Wireless Speaker with built-in IP based DVR Engineered to travel -small size but a great sound effect. Enjoy wireless freedom with LawMate™ Bluetooth speakers notification sound from the speaker to indicate device status. IP feature allows you to live stream audio and video anywhere in the world. Allow users to view, operate, take pictures and playback on LawMate exclusive free App. Multiple recording modes allow users to record the most important and significant moments.

    $ 395.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-AC30 AC Adapter with 480p Security Camera with DVR

    DVR is inside AC adapter and powered directly from the power plug while mini camera is at the end of the power cord. Such design allows easy installation and application in every day office or any room in the house.

    $ 395.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-FM20HDWI Digital Clock with 1080p Security Wi-Fi Camera w/ Night Vision

    Clock Night Vision DVR – This product has such high quality performance and options and be put into such a small package but it’s true. The PV-FM20 records clear and crisp covert video in 1080p and gives you total night vision recording ability so it doesn’t matter what the lighting conditions are! Even with the lights out, you’ll capture your covert video in total darkness up to 30 feet away.

    $ 369.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-CHG20I DROID Charging Dock DVR

    This is the brand new LawMate PV-CHG20i (Android) camera system. On first appearance this is a desktop charger for your Android smartphone or tablet. The new CHG20i (Android) is actually a 1080p high definition mini recording system with both Wi-Fi connectivity and IP connectivity. The camera permits you to watch ‘live’ from anywhere in the world and actually operates as a functional charger for your Android device. Being a mains powered device, unlike so many other spy cameras, this one will never run out of charge.

    $ 349.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-CHG20I iOS APPLE Charging Dock DVR

    This is the brand new LawMate PV-CHG20i (IOS) camera system. On first appearance this is a desktop charger for your Apple smartphone or tablet. The new CHG20i (IOS) is actually a 1080p high definition recording system with both Wi-Fi connectivity and IP connectivity. The camera permits you to watch ‘live’ from anywhere in the world and actually operates as a functional charger for your Apple device. Being a main powered device, unlike so many other mini cameras, this one will never run out of charge.
    Video can be captured either at 1080p, 720p or WVGA quality at 30 frames per second and the recorder will accept up to a 32gb Micro SD card. The device is easily set-up and controlled from LawMate’s bespoke smart phone application. The application will allow the user to ‘live view’ the video, review the video and even permit you to download any video file to your smart device. All of this can be done without needing to be near the recording system. Further, as all settings are controlled via the smart application, set-up and maintenance of this compact recording system couldn’t be easier.

    $ 349.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-UC10I AC USB Charger Security Camera

    PV-UC10I hidden camera works great for a spy camera. One of the few video equipment devices that has a working USB charger!

    $ 299.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-PB20I Power Bank with 1080p WiFi Security Camera w/DVR

    The power bank comes with several operating modes that facilitate your workflow, like; Auto and Motion detection recording, as well as the overwrite function. This makes the 16GB SD card that comes with the device more than enough space wise, but it supports SD cards up to 32 GB if needed. It has a built-in 6800 mA Lithium battery with a recording time of 500 min @1920×1080 resolution with a 16GB SD card.

    $ 299.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-AC20UNI 1080p AC Adapter Security -IP Enabled

    PV-AC20UNI camera can be a great nanny cam. This plug in wall unit spy camera has a small hidden camera tucked in the face of the PV-AC20UNI. Making it very covert and use to use! The PV-AC20uni from Lawmate is a Wi-Fi and IP enabled, Full HD covert Mini DVR that is completely powered by the cord, and disguised as a standard AC adapter.

    $ 299.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-AC20HDWI Security Camera

    LawMate introduced the AC adapter hidden camera several years ago. This latest Wi-Fi enabled AC adapter hidden camera takes all of the great features of the previous models and merges them with a built-in Wi-Fi enabled connection.
Download the free app to your smart phone or tablet and control your AC adapter on your existing network. Download and delete video without removing the adapter from the electrical outlet.

With the Wi-Fi P2P connection you will be able to view live hidden video remotely through the Internet from virtually anywhere in the world.

    $ 299.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-AC10FHD 1080p AC Adapter Nanny Cam

    Looks exactly like an AC adapter -Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution Color Video Powered by AC outletNO batteries needed! Motion Activation Recording  and recording stops when memory is full.PV-AC10FHD hidden camera is 1080P. This spy camera can be used in offices or homes. The PV-AC10FHD makes a great nanny cam for house sitters!

    $ 299.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-CG20 1080p HD Mini-Security DVR Car Charger Camera w/Night Vision

    New! NOW WITH IR!
    LawMate PV-CG20 Car Charger DVR is a Full HD 1080P Mini DVR that operates automatically and functions as a charger at the same time.  The car charger DVR can be used discreetly as the recording starts automatically, at the same time you start your car, and by turning off the car engine it will automatically save the files on the SD Card. The device comes with a 16 GB, and supports up to 64 GB SD cards.  The camera lens is adjustable, and can be rotated, panned or tilted in the needed direction. Moreover, the power key, USB port and memory card slot are hidden behind a rotating hard shell that you can expose with a simple rotation.

    $ 295.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-PH10 -1080p HD Car Phone Holder Security Camera w/Infrared Night Vision

    The LawMate PV-PH10 is a Full HD 1080P Car Mount Holder DVR forSmartphones (up to 8 cm width) that offers IR night vision recording.This Mini DVR camera will blend-in perfectly in any vehicle whilehaving a central position for recording purposes.The adjustable 360 degrees swivel allows the recording angle to beadjusted according to your needs and recording purposes.The battery lifetime lasts 170 min (IR OFF) / 85min (IR ON) forcontinuous recording, while it can record 160 min in 1920*1080 onthe 16 GB SD card that comes with the accessories. The motiondetection option helps you record only when something is happeningand saves valuable SD card space and time for reviewing the video.

    $ 295.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-IP7 – iPhone Case Mini Security IP Camera w/DVR

    PV-IP7W by LawMate

    • Wi-Fi Smartphone 7 Extended Battery Case DVR
    • Wi-Fi based iPhone 7 battery case design stand-alone DVR
    • Control the camera on the free App – PV Cam Viewer
    • 3 resolution choices – 1080p / 720p / 480p @30fps
    • Continuous / Motion Detection mode
    • Motion detection notification keeps you always informed
    • Battery powered for portable use or power socket powered for stationary use
    • Supports up to 32GB memory card
    • Good 120 minutes record time with overwrite function
    • LED indicators can be turned off when you work undercover
    $ 295.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-BC10 720p Ultra Slim Black Box Digital Video and Audio Security Recorder

    LawMate’s PV-BC10 Spy Camera DVR is a credit card sized covert camera that can be used in almost any place. This video equipment is top of the line, small and easy to hide! Ultra slim black box hidden camera DVR 720p Standalone video and audio recorder easy to hide and use- put it in your car center console for in-car covert recording! Powered from battery and can be used with a power bank for longer recording Records up to 140 min video and 280 min audio.

    $ 295.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-DY10i – Security/Loss Prevention Camera/DVR

    LawMate™ PV-DY10i – Do It Yourself Camera/DVR – Take your imagination and create the ultimate hidden camera setup with everything your need here. High definition video (1080p) mini camera operates via WiFi or on DVR. This is a must have for mini camera scenarios when you need to think outside
    the box. Works Perfectly with the LawMate PI-RF50 Remote Control.

    $ 295.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-RC10FHD TV Remote DVR Security Camera w/ Motion Recording

    Lawmate PV-RC10FHD TV Remote DVR About: With 1080p resolution and PIR sensor for quick activation recording this TV Remote DVR is the coolest hidden camera form we have seen in a while. Packed with versatile features on the inside, it’s ordinary enough on the outside that no one will suspect it’s really a full HD camera and DVR. Never worry about your recordings. Recordings will be automatically saved if the TV Remote DVR runs out of battery power. High Resolution 1280×1080 66° Angle of View to capture almost any event PIR triggered recording to eliminate false recordings Time and Date Stamp Overlay on the video for evidence recording The TV Remote camera is completely portable, move from room to room or place to place and no one will ever be the wiser Download the video to your PC or Mac to see recording video or snapshots Up to 9 Days of Standby battery life
    SPECIFICATIONS Non- Functional Remote Control Hidden Camera Battery Standby up to 9 Days Highly concealed lens – Ideal for Indoor surveillance File Type. MOV, JPG 3.3 Lux F2.0 1/3″ CMOS Camera Sensor 1920 x1080 or 1280×720 Video resolution, 30fps PIR motion recording for auto monitoring with less than 2 sec start up Time and Date Stamp Micro SDHC card up to 32GB.

    $ 295.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-WT10 Smart Watch Nanny Camera w/DVR

    PV-WT10 DVR Hidden Camera ushers in a new era of LawMate brand Mini Cameras.  One button operation means you’ll be able to concentrate on your target while spending less time fumbling with wires and multiple buttons. 1280 X 720 full color video is captured through a 67 degree field of view 3.7mm pinhole lens to looks out of the front side of the watch.
    Charge the watch using your PC and get 80 minutes of continuous recording.   Accepts up to a 32GB Micro SD Card (8GB Card Included Free). Discrete icons on the screen give you visual confirmation a recording is in progress.

    $ 295.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-TM10FHD Weather Clock Security Camera and DVR

    Camera is placed in the low right corner and it is almost undetectable without magnifying glass. This highly covert camera is ideal for keeping the safety of your home or anywhere there is a need to record a certain situation. This camera can be easily covertly placed inside a room all managing functions hidden inside the top cover long lasting battery life high 1080p video resolution capturing images and videos PIR sensor.

    $ 295.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-SK10FHD Outlet Mini Security Camera w/DVR

    1080p HD covert surveillance with built-in color camera and DVR
    Motion captured video records when you need it mostLong lasting battery operates for up to 6 daysRemovable storage allows users to rotate memory cards as neededSwitch between HD video or high resolution snaps shots, chose the mode that suits the best playback video on any PC

    $ 295.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-MU10 Wireless Mouse Security Camera and DVR

    PV-MU10 security camera, mini camera and surveillance camera as a mouse.
    The idea behind PV-MU10 is quite simple, create a device that can easily be placed in an everyday office or home environment and make it so it can record for extended period of times. Covert video DVR disguised as a computer mouse.Integrated PIR sensor. 7-9 days standby mode. VGA/HD resolution recording

    $ 295.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-RC200HDW 1080p HD WiFi Keyfob Security Camera

    Great for Police undercover operations, Private Investigators, Secret shoppers, and for the casual user to make funny DIY videos.
    See the action live in HD from your smart device using the PV-RC200HDW Wi-Fi Key Chain Camera. When you need to watch events live from your Smart device! Using the free APP allows you to control, view and download video from your Smartphone Records video on an SD card Time and Date Key fob has a built in 1080P camera and DVR.

    $ 275.00
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  • LawMate PV-RC200HD2 (KR) Keyfob Covert Camera/DVR and Audio Recorder

    • 100% brand new Full HD H.264 1080p KeyFOB DVR
    • Smallest 5MP pin-hole camera made especially for recording use
    • Latest version 3 in 1 function: video record, camera, webcam
    • 1080p high definition video 1920 x 1080 H.264 30fps .mov format
    • 5MP photo JPEG format: 2592 x 1944.jpg
    • Real time record any video and audio evidence
    • Vibration alert on video recording and photo shooting
    • Easy connection with PC/laptops, no driver needed
    • Can be used as USB storage device
    • Built-in rechargeable high polymers battery
    $ 268.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-RC200HD2 (KR) Keychain with 1080p Security Camera w/DVR

    The Newest edition to the PV-RC200 series, with a new look and the same qualities that have made this Mini DVR one of our bestsellers. Like the PV-RC200HD2, the PV-RC200HD2/KR Look is a high quality disguised video and audio recorder that is simple to operate. The device has a video resolution up to 1920*1080@30FPS with excellent low light recording and WDR function.

    $ 268.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-RC300FHD Law Enforcement Grade HD Body Camera

    This powerful Mini DVR Cam is perfect for Law Enforcement or to carry around without raising any suspicion, as it comes with a pocket and t-shirt clip so it can be worn casually while taking the photo or video evidence you require.  Besides it’s functional design, it has a recording quality of 1080 FHD video resolution and supports up to 16GB memory cards.

    $ 195.00
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  • LawMate™ BU-19 Mini Security Button Camera

    LawMate™ BU-19 Button CameraLawMate BU-18 button camera is a high resolution and low minimal illumination spy camera lens as small as the eye of the needle.Resolution : 550TV LineMIN Illumination : 0.2 Lux/ F2.0Angle of View : 78°Dimensions : 25 x 25 x 18 mm

    $ 179.00
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  • LawMate™ BU-18HD Mini Security Button Camera with Cone Lens

    LawMate™ BU-18HD Mini-Cone Camera. 
    The LawMate BU-18 HD Cone is a new 1080P digital camera that offers clear Full HD video recordings and good low light sensitivity. If you need a pinhole camera, but not a button camera, than this is the right one. The New Cone shape for the camera as well as the integrated microphone offer additional convenience with the installation.

    $ 170.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-RC300 MINI HD Camera

    • Thumb Size DVR with Portable Memory
    • Tiny thumb-size camcorder
    • 1.3MP camera for video recording and photo-shooting
    • Abundant accessories on various occasions
    • Diversified surveillance applications; such as body-worn video, In-car recording and webcam etc.
    • Easy operation with LED indicator light
    • 80 minutes constantly recording
    • Supports up to 16G Micro SD card
    $ 169.00
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