• LawMate™ PV-EG20DL HD DVR Covert Camera in Sunglasses


    • Stand-alone eye glasses DVR; record to SD card
    • Super invisible lens on the frame
    • Supports up to 32G SD card
    • HD 720p video quality @ 30fps
    • Time and date stamp
    • Simple one button design ; Power on and record
    • LED indicators for charging
    • Vibration alert for power off / low battery / record
    • Stable system and reliable quality
    • Records up to 60 mins
    $ 295.00
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  • LawMate™ PV-EG20CL- Clear Glasses Mini Security Camera w/DVR

    This is the new LawMate PV-EG20CL Glasses DVR,  720p HD recording systemCovertly disguised as clear reading glasses.
    The LawMate PV-EG20CL Glasses have a sleek design concealing the covert video recording system that produces law enforcement quality audio/video; which is Also stamped with time/date. There is also the NEW PV-EG20DL (Sunglasses/Dark Lens) Version.
    All Audio/Video is stored on a Micro SD card (INCLUDED) using the standard H.264 encoding with a .AVI video file format. The built-in battery will provide around 70 minutes of continuous recording.
    LawMate have developed the PV-EG20CL Glasses to offer excellent video and audio quality while remaining very straight forward with set-up and operation.  Activating the recording function is as simple as hitting a single button on the left side arm.

    $ 295.00
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  • LawMate™ HB-20 Mini Security Handbag Camera

    The handbag hidden camera can be used in many ways, as the lens is smartly concealed and the microphone is placed inside of the bag.
    It has a double lining as to hide the camera and DVR that can be placed on the bag bottom. The HB-20 is compatible with PV-500L3, PV-900FHD, PV-500EVO2, PV-50 and PV-1000Touch5 DVR’s.
    You MUST use a LawMate Portable DVR with this Camera. This is NOT a stand alone covert camera.

    $ 225.00
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  • LawMate™ AR-300 Covert Key Voice Recorder

    • Extremely discreet key design and simple operation
    • Convenient playback functionality
    • Built-in AGC MIC excellent sound quality
    • LED signal to indicate device status
    • Built-in 4GB flash memory
    • MP3 file format
    • Instant audio file playback and deletion
    • Micro USB connection
    $ 149.00
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  • LawMate™ AR-200 Mini Audio Recorder and Landline Audio Recorder

    LawMate™ AR-200 Mini Audio Recorder and Landline Telephone Recorder this AR-200 is a second generation LawMate voice recorder. Small sized long hours recorder features direct connection with fixed line telephones allowing it to record incoming calls automatically as well as voice activated recording from the outside. The device is easy and if needed covertly operated with the help of vibration and LED signal alerts.

    $ 149.00
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  • LawMate™ AR-100 Digital Voice Recorder

    LawMate™ AR-1oo Digital Voice Recorder
    The AR-100 Digital Voice Recorder by Lawmate™ looks like an automotive alarm remote but is really a super sensitive audio recorder capable of recording up to 15 hours on a single charge. Use your PC  to charge the unit and download recorded files. The Ar-100 also comes with headphones so you can listen to playback on the unit without having to download! Vibration feedback lets you operate this audio device from your pocket without looking at the indicator lights.

    $ 98.00
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